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An accurate work history background check is a vital tool that assists employers to screen potential employees, who they want to hire. These work history background checks provide important information such as: criminal history, credit check, and civil court records. Based on the results, employers can make smart hiring decisions.

Just like a credit history, your employment history should leave a trail that an employer can follow if he or she is thinking about hiring you.

Work History Background CheckMajor corporations and even smaller companies have stepped up their security due to terrorism, industrial espionage and fraud. Not only are they using the Internet to conduct work history background checks, but also to search for a job applicant's cyber trail on social networking sites, video sites and blogs.

Employees who will have positions around money and company trade secrets are more scrutinized than others. No longer can companies trust a smile, a resume and a handshake to hire new employees.

Employers always want to hire the best person when they have an opening. The reason a work history background check is so important, is because a company doesn't want to trust someone to have access, or handle large sums of money, when they have bad credit, or have criminal offenses for fraud, theft, or embezzlement. Think about it, would you want to hire someone like that, and trust them around your company's money?

How Is A Work History Background Check Conducted?

Once you've been added to a company's short list for hiring, a work history background check will be conducted. This can be done by the Personnel Dept. within the company, or the company can outsource it to a firm that handles work related background investigations.

The very first thing that a skillful investigative service will do when pre-screening a possible employee is to run a criminal history check. Why should they waste time contacting all of your previous employers if they know you have a criminal record? That will possibly automatically disqualify you from getting the job, especially if you omitted that information from your resume.

The next thing on your work history background check that they would investigate is your social security number, just to make sure it exists, and it matches your name.

Next, they would probably check any civil court information, and if you've filed for bankruptcy. If you did, they will want to know how long ago that was. If it was recently, that might raise some concern.

Your credit history will also be examined on a work history background check. Anyone could have bad credit, but if there is a pattern with your credit history, and you've had a lot of bad credit over the past, it shows a lack of integrity, and responsibility. Therefore, you might not have the caliber they are looking for in an employee.

Last, but not least, your employment history will be reviewed, and your former employers will be contacted, along with neighbors and anyone else they can find, who really knows you.

Cost of a Work History Background Check

The cost of a work history background check can vary. A lot depends on how thorough a search is done, how many reports are ordered, and what kind of information was requested. The average cost for a basic check could be around $50, but a more comprehensive search could run into the hundreds of dollars. However, these are mere pennies compared to what it would cost your company to hire a rogue employee, who could steal millions from you.

In Conclusion, your company can't afford not to conduct a work history background check for important positions. Not doing so, could be suicidal for your company. Start looking beyond the resume and appearance, and start checking your applicants' backgrounds.

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