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People Background CheckWhy do we need a people background check? The reasons are many, and as the nation becomes more violent, and additional people are still unemployed, it becomes easier for the wrong people to blend into society and cause problems.

Some adults like to have a little quality time, but it's not easy when you have children. Sure, you can always hire babysitters, but can you trust them? Do they have criminal records for abusing children? Maybe they are on drugs, and would steal from you or harm your child to help pay for their habit.

Another reason to run a people background check is if you want to do business with someone. There are some people, who create elaborate histories about themselves, pretend to be successful, and are always looking for joint ventures, or partners. In reality, some of these people are con artists, and would love nothing more than to separate you from your hard earned money.

How A People Background Check Works

Online people background checks work by providing basic information. You only need to provide the first and last name (and middle initial if you have it), birth date (or age), and city and state. Once you submit the information, it will bring back information from public database searches.

It's possible to get such information as: current address, phone number, and address of neighbors. You can also gain insight on where to find birth records, and marriage and divorce records. These searches can also help you find old classmates, friends, and even a former love of your life.

The free searches are nice, but you will not get any criminal background information with a free people background check. For that you need to conduct a premium search.

How to Conduct a Premium People Background Check

If you're not satisfied with the results of your free searches, you should turn to premium searches. Premium searches will turn up a lot of juicy information that you can use. This is a totally different ballgame.

Here are some of the things you can find with a premium people background check:

Criminal Records - If the person you are investigating has been to prison, or arrested, you should be able to find this information.

Court Records - Whether it's criminal or civil court, if a person has been there, it will show up.

Sex Offenders - Many people don't realize how many sexual predators are out there in each state. There's probably some in your neighborhood, or nearby areas. It's a good idea to check on any adults that have access to your kids.

Unpublished Numbers - With a premium people background check, you can find out the owners of cell phone numbers, and unpublished land line numbers, too. Have you been receiving any strange calls? Do you suspect your spouse, or partner is cheating on you, and you think that he or she may be calling your partner on a cell phone? If so, you could get detailed information on whom the phone number belongs to.

What to Look for in a People Background Check Service

If you've been searching around on the Internet, you probably know there are many sites that offer people background check services. What should you look for in a good service?

There are two types of searches. There are instant searches, and there are searches that are carried out by investigators. The latter normally has turn around rates from one to five days. However, more extensive people background checks could take even longer.

Any good service can provide you with a ton of information if you provide the social security number of the person you are checking. With that social security number, you can find out where the person is working, their current address, and any previous addresses for at least seven years. You can also find out all kinds of financial information, and of course, criminal history.

The instant search allows you to input the information yourself, and then it returns the results. You can find sites that charge you per search, and there are others that have monthly and annual fees.

If an investigator is digging up the information for you, they often have: no hit, no fee agreements. That means if they can't find anyone with the information you provided them, you're not charged for it.

In conclusion, a low cost people background check is good for locating people that you are looking for. However, premium services are the ones that will provide you with criminal histories, and other detailed personal information.

Never fall for the trick of free criminal background checks. They don't exist. If you receive criminal background information from a people background check, it's going to cost you. However, paying is often worth it when you receive valuable information. Our top two picks for premium services are US Search and Intelius. Any one of those should get you the information you are looking for WITHOUT spending a bunch of money.

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