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Net Detective Reviews

Net Detective is a division of HD Publishing which has been in business since 1996. The company has over one billion records in their core search product database allowing them to find information on over 90% of U.S. residents. Consumer and crime subscriptions can access over 3 billion records. Cell phone and landline numbers are accessible, which is not even offered by most investigative search services.

Net Detective ReviewsNet Detective’s business model is set up to allow unlimited searches for an extended period of time for one fee. You can choose regular credit cards or Paypal options.

The Standard Database will pull name, address, phone, age, date of birth and people living in the same home. Net Detective positions this in their marketing as “a phone book on steroids.” This plan also includes Social Security number verification.

To go above the basic information you have to upgrade to a $29.95 per month plan. You can then find military, mortgage, home value, and criminal data. You might choose the Law Enforcement Database which provides enhanced criminal background data. This is the service used most often by companies doing background checks on potential employees.

Some people find Net Detective difficult to use as sometimes it is a challenge to narrow down the individual being searched. The Wall Street Journal made this observation in a recent profile of four similar search services. They determined that this happens in situations where someone has a common last name. When that happens, it is not unusual for the search services to report several inaccurate hits. An industry executive pointed out this is often due to “orphan records” in databases.

Net Detective Reviews - Pros

  • Offers excellent pricing for consumers and businesses that need unlimited searches
  • Extensive business history since 1996
  • Over one billion records in database
  • 90 Day Guarantee
  • Ability to do landline as well as mobile lookups
  • Lots of useful bonus information like how to find unclaimed money

Net Detective Reviews - Cons

  • More advanced searches require an upgrade to the premium subscription.