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Discover The Best Way To Run A Car Background Check Before Spending Money On A Used Car!

Car Background CheckIt's safe to say that it is always correct to run a car background check before purchasing an auto. Failing to do so could cause you to waste your money, put you and your family in possible physical danger, and even cause problems with the police.

Thousands of cars are sold and traded every day. Before you run out to get your next car, make sure it isn't a lemon.

What is Included in a Car Background Check?

Here is a list of things that are included in car background checks:

• Odometer Rollback Checks

Odometer rollbacks, (also known as clocking) is a term used to describe someone tampering with an automobile's odometer. The miles are rolled back to make it seem as if the car hasn't been used that much, and helps increase the value of a used car.

It's estimated that 10% of the used cars sold in America have had rollbacks done. Although it's not easy, car background checks can help identify this type of auto sales fraud.

• Accident Damage Check

Imagine buying a nice looking car, only to realize that it has had a major accident in the past, and therefore, could be unsafe? It's not just unsafe, it's also fraud if the previous owner knew about it, and didn't report it to you. A car background check helps to provide you this information.

• Retail Value

It's good to know the retail book value of a car before you buy it. You know that car dealers always mark up the prices on cars, but it's a good idea to know if they're jacking the price up too much. A good car background check will use Kelley Blue Book, or other trusted source to give you the average value of the car you're attempting to buy.

• Who Owned It

If you know how many people owned your car previously, it should give you an indication if you should really buy it, or not. If something is being advertised as being owned by only one person, and you later find out it was four, you might want to pass up that car.

• VIN Check

The Vehicle Identification Number is a way to identify a car. A car background check will verify if the VIN matches the number that is on record for the car you are purchasing. If the number doesn't match, your car could be stolen. There are many cars stolen and resold each year.

Getting pulled over by the police, and having them find out that your VIN doesn't match, could get you in a lot of trouble.

• Number of Times Serviced

An automotive background check can tell you how many times your car has been in the shop for repair. This lets you know if the car has had many problems in the past, or not. These are not the things a dealer or owners are going to tell you. If they did, you wouldn't be interested in the car.

Those are just some of the items listed in a car background check. As you can see, it's very detailed, and could help you make the right decision on purchasing your next car.

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