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US Search Review

U.S. Search is the leading search service in the United States. Founded in 1994, this industry pioneer initiated the whole idea of finding information about people via the web. Since then, thousands of people have been located and friends and family brought together.

US Search ReviewOne story is illuminating. 60 Minutes did a report about foster kids searching for their original parents, many of whom have moved and whose whereabouts are unknown to any individual or government agency. Thirteen year old Samara was in that situation. The Family First organization utilized U.S. Search’s “People Search” feature to attempt to locate Samara’s immediate family with a goal of finding at least 40 of her relatives.

They were not only able to find Samara’s mother, but an entire branch of the family. After only two hours, they found 44 family members—people Samara had never seen before.

You may not have a dramatic story like Samara but it demonstrates the power of the US Search service. 

Using People Search, you can find something as simple as someone’s address to much more detailed information. The computer will comb through everything from social networking platforms to a multitude of public records.
U.S. Search strives to have the most intelligent search service on the market. Some search providers work with information that may be wildly out of date. U.S. Search partners with a variety of data vendors that update their information monthly, sometimes weekly and even daily. You get the latest ‘intel’ available.

From there U.S. Search employs high-level search techniques against the data set provided by their vendor. Using proprietary technology, they manipulate the data by correlating a bank of data points and can retrieve phone numbers, addresses, former addresses, civil records, criminal data, and more. Most of this information can be seen right online in instant reports.

US Search Review - Pros

  • Solid A+ Rating with Better Business Bureau
  • Stable business history- in business since 1994
  • Top 25 Ecommerce site
  • Proven search technology
  • Outstanding customer service at (800) 877-3272
  • Multiple data partners
  • Over 3 million unique visitors per month
  • Excellent monitoring service provides email alerts of new or changed data

US Search Review - Cons

  • Evidence of some consumer confusion on recurring memberships. The company has pledged to handle all discrepancies.
  • Rip Off Report details some unhappy customers. Company response is aggressive to tackle any problems.

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