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Does a 100% Free Background Check Really Exist and is it Worth the Time and Energy?

100% free background checks sound like a good idea on the surface. However, what can a person really obtain from free information available on the Internet?

This article will discuss the truth about 100% free background checks, and how much information you can really get from them.

100% Free Background CheckWhat is a 100% Free Background Check?

100% Free Background Checks are a way to get free public released information about someone, you may be looking for, or investigating. Many companies provide this information and you only need to do a Google search to come up with hundreds of them.

The general information that you can get from a 100% free background check is: full name, age, birth date, and their current address. You can also find out if they have ever filed for bankruptcy, see some criminal records, and know if the person has been married before, or divorced.

This amount of information might be OK for a handful people, who need some general info. However, it's not enough information for most investigators, employers looking to do a work history background check, or landlords who need to run a renter background check.

Some Problems with a 100% Free Background Check

Problem #1 - Probably the biggest problem with 100% free background checks (when they are advertised in search engines) is to get the full information from the searches, you've got to pay!

A software searches through their databases and checks for the information that was promised on their website. Even though it's possible to find a lot of the information, the results will just tell you that they have found the info you are looking for, and if you want the full report, you've got to join, or pay a flat fee. Does this sound like free to you?

Problem #2 - The next problem with a 100% free background check is that a lot of the information is outdated. The databases where they pull their information from are not always regularly updated. Therefore, the information you are shown could be very old.

Problem #3 - Public records, such as marriage and divorce records and some criminal records, are only kept in local, or county courthouses. To get that information, you either need to send a request, or pay someone to dig it up for you. Much of this information is not available in an instant free search.

Problem #4 - Some records are not available to the general public, and can only be found by a licensed investigator. Not only can they find the information quickly, but they also get access to some databases that you can't.

Problem #5 - Many times, the information you receive is just links to other state websites, with information on where you need to apply to get the information. The info you receive from these websites is free, but if you want to obtain the information, you still need to pay, and you need to wait weeks, or months, before you receive any information.

In closing, a 100% free background check may serve a need for people, who need some basic information about others. However, if you need detailed information, especially criminal information, employment history and past residence checks, you're better off using a premium service like US Search.

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