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Running a Canadian background check can take time, because Canada is a big country with many provinces and territories. Just like running checks in the U.S., there are different jurisdictions, locations and departments that hold and protect criminal and civil information.

Canadian Background CheckIt's estimated that over ten percent of Canadians have some form of criminal record. The Canadian government runs criminal checks on its own citizens before granting them permission to leave the country. With so many people having criminal records in Canada, it's essential for people to run a Canadian background check.

Canadian Background Checks - Free vs. Paid

Those who are searching through Canadian background check sites are faced with a decision to use free, or paid information. Although some opt for free information, the majority use paid services.

Here is the difference between the two:

Free Canadian Background Check Sites

Although free Canadian background check sites can give you basic information, most information that is provided comes in lists. For example, you might receive a list of places where you can receive background information, but in the end, it redirects you to other sites that you need to pay for. Or, you can use free phone searches, or reverse searches, using addresses as a way of locating someone. These search for information included in public records.

Paid Canadian Background Check Searches

The fact is, a lot of time is spent (and even wasted) trying to get this information yourself. There are many databases that are available from various websites that either provide instant online searches, or services from private investigators, who have years of experience. There is a fee for these services, but you have access to many databases that are not available when running a public search.

With paid Canadian background checks, it's possible to get an extensive criminal background history. Many Canadians use criminal background checks to investigate workers, such as babysitters, nannies, or other people who have access to their homes. Employers often use Canadian background checks to screen their employees.

A complete Canadian background check will also include a credit check. It's not possible to conduct any real business negotiations without knowing the credit history of your possible partner. There are also businesses, which check potential employees credit if they are going to be working around a lot of money.

While comparing services, the average cost of a Canadian background check is around $50 for general information. It could cost more, or less, depending on how much information you require.

Background Investigation Software

In recent years, there was a big interest in investigation software. These companies, which produced the software, claimed you could find background information on anyone. What people found were links to other websites where you can find information, and they still needed to pay.

You're not going to be able to find someone's criminal record with this software, or get other personal information. The only way you will find non-public information is through using a paid service.

In Conclusion, Using free services for Canadian background checks are fine for locating someone if they are listed publicly, and also good for obtaining telephone numbers. However, if you want criminal background checks, credit checks and more, you will need to pay for a company that offers all of these services.

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