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How to do a Background Check on Someone

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So, you want to know how to do a background check on someone? Well, you're not alone. Every day, thousands of people are online running background checks on employees, partners, an ex-spouse, a fiancée, or lover, and even before they allow someone to rent their house, or apartment. The fact is, there are many reasons to check someone out.

How To Do A Background Check On SomeoneThere are now more reasons than ever for wanting to know how to do a background check on someone. There are rapists and child molesters around every corner, and budget cuts are causing more prisons to release prisoners early. You never know who might be moving in next door, babysitting your children, or asking you out for a date. Running background checks is a serious and necessary business.

Whether you are using free or paid methods to get background information, here's a list of things you need if you want to know how to do a background check on someone:

Criminal History - The first thing most people want to know is the person they are investigating has any criminal records.

Credit Score - If they are doing business with a person, you want to know if there credit is good, or bad.

Previous Employment History - If you are going to hire someone, it's a good idea to check with previous employers to find out if the person was a good employee, or if they were fired for any disciplinary reasons.

How to do a Background Check on Someone - The Free Method

There are a few rudimentary methods on how to do a background check on someone if you don't need that much information or are just burning some time on the Internet.

One way is a "person search engine" called where you can input a person's first name, last name, city, state and country and hit the submit button. This will show you if they have any social network accounts and other information that might have been written about them online.

While this probably won't get you the "insider" info your looking for on a person it will let you see if they are active online, are writing about themselves, or if other people are writing about them.

Of course this method is fine if you are just inquiring about a person BUT I definitely wouldn't rely on this info. First, many people have the same name, so it's a good possibility that the search results might not produce the actual person you are looking for. Second, people can remove themselves from PIPL by conducting a search, clicking on their info, and then asking to be removed. So if someone REALLY has something to hide, PIPL probably isn't going to be your revealing source.

While this is kind of a fun alternative method for how to do a background check on someone, if you really want to know the truth then you need to use a quality background check service.

How to do a Background Check on Someone - Paid Method

With many paid methods, you can find everything you need in one location. These premium background search methods allow you to either run the information through their software by yourself, or they have private investigator and research specialists to find it for you.

You can usually find a whole lot more using a great paid service, and it won't take you a long time to do it. Some of these paid services are run by private investigators, or other ex-law enforcement personnel. The bottom line is that they can get information that you CAN'T!

In conclusion, free methods can help you find basic information for free. The downside is if you want more detailed information and records, you probably won't find them on free people search engines.

Paid searches are thorough, and these companies like US Search have access to private databases not found elsewhere. The only problem for some people is that it is not free.

You will have to decide how much information you need, and how important it is. The best way on how to do a background check on someone, is through US Search. This paid service is not that expensive and will find you the information that you are seeking.

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